There is no “self”

Bot you and I know that it is really hard to change bad habits. But maybe this little tidbit of scientific fact can help you. It is of course possible to change who you are, and that should be something comforting because that means that you can strive to evolve without endangering yourself, since, there is no self.

We’re talking about neuroplasticity, our brains power to change, not only mentally. I would like to call it the effect of realizing that you and what constitutes your self is not set in stone. Also called perspective, hah! Well, the point is that you can change both mentally and physically, even in your brain.


Check out my this post from when I was meditating for a whole week (I just read it and it is ridden with spelling errors.. but hey I wrote all of that on my smartphone with a cracked screen).
Or check out this article where they talk a bit more about the plasticity.

Today’s Sunday flea market findings




Next Sunday I’ll get some moon maps! Wooohoo!

Ok the two later pictures are very uninteresting if you don’t know Swedish, but nevertheless and for your information; it is a collection of poems and folk songs from the 50’s so the language is a bit different and sometimes hard to understand. It is cool though but the book smelled so strongly of “oldness” that I could read more than a couple of pages.

Also, lets pretend that I’ve not been inactive here shall we? Ok, good 😉 good night!

Philosophy Friday: Plato

Popular opinions edge us towards the wrong values, careers and relationships
Plato’s answer is – to know yourself
Beautiful objects help us educate our soul
Those are simple values, philosophy doesn’t need to be pretentious or grandiose. It isn’t scary. For me philosophy is important to everyday life, maybe not so much that you need to think about it constantly, but in so that it affects us all. And to me, it is fulfilling to know more about society in whole and how to cope with it. It is also a way of explaining how things work and are. Take the quote above from Plato regarding art as an example, that is an easy answer to why we like art and why it is important. Because it educates our mind (sure you might argue that soul is not a good metaphor for mind, but whatever).
To then listen to thinkers who came before us (but also to contemporary ones) gives me perspective on everyday life. Because they struggled just as much as we do! They did what we did, maybe then we can find values and ideas that we can use today? Not everything today is perfect, very little is in fact. So we have nothing to lose from grabbing good ideas from the past and applying them today.
Over and out
See you later ~~

IRL Thursday: Internet to the rescue!

It is 4:20 AM. Good morning? I just woke up from a really shitty dream. No one was awake, so, Internet came to the rescue!

What, how is that possible you say?

Well, I happened to surf to a website I do enjoy from time to time. It is called

But what did I find there that helped me find my sanity?

Mainly this forum thread. I love me some paint! And I love me some art! I am no good at “arting” myself, but I want to be good, and I really appreciate the chill out manner a thread like this is showing what art can be. It made me chuckle and feel a bit better about myself.

These are just some of the examples. Also the last one was made by this guy who also made a video of it during work. Pretty rad!

And you now what. It is E3 soon! HYPE!

World Wednesday: Mongolia

Who does not wanna go to Mongolia?

It has been one of my childhood dreams. Yes, I am not lying. I was dreaming about traveling to off beaten places as a kid. I also remember distinctly wanting to live at a mountaintop. Maybe I was romanticizing a bit, but whatever, it was something I actually did think about. Like a way of escaping the everyday boredom as I saw it.

Even as a young person I realized that there is so much more to life than what you are presented with and handed. You just have to go out there and find it for yourself. And typing this makes me get a bit emotional as well. Seriously.

Mongolia, I will get to you!



Let us feel and let us feel good

Let us love and let us love less

Let us be and let us be us

Let us make and let us make bad

Let us in and let us go

Let us do and let us do good

Let us be happy and let us be sad

Let us believe and let us be disappointed

Let us remember and let us be brave