World Wednesday: Mars updated!

So in recent space-news there has been lots of stuff regarding Pluto, our moon, Mars and Kepler-452b.

So I’ll do my share of the burden. I have been working on a list of things that are a good foundation for when I will become the president of Mars. I just recently translated it into English (Of course it was last night…).

So here it is! Lets build a better world! It is a work in progress, so the list under here won’t be updated, but the dedicated page on the blog will. Stay updated 😀


The Mars List

The minus list

  • Blue ball-pens
  • Disgusting pens
  • Disgusting keyboards and mice
  • Putting board game boxes in board game box lids
  • Strollers
  • Ticks
  • Christmas (including Christmas music)
  • Uneven arm rests for office chairs
  • Audible eating
  • Masquerades
  • To salty food
  • Smoking, “snusing” and chewing tobacco (pipes and big cigars are ok)
  • The flurf from garlic
  • Wrinkly or beaten up tea-strainers
  • Screeching porcelain plates (or metal cutlery)
  • Peedrizzle (A light annoying rain-drizzle in cold weather)
  • People (Those energy sponges stealing your energy who give nothing back, unaware of their surroundings)
  • Open bottles or open lids on shampoo bottles or ketchup bottles
  • Squeezed unempty bottles, like shampoo and ketchup bottles
  • Digging holes in the butter
  • Putting the board game box in the board game lid

The plus list

  • Abortion (sorry, I’ll be more serious from now on)
  • A new language construed by one word per person. You can bring only one, just like “Survivors”.
  • Arcades
  • Human beings

World Wednesday: Illuminati confirmed! (Volcanoes)

So volcanoes, right?

Yeah, they are scary and cool as shit.

One stopps and then the other starts. Can we see the pattern here? #Illuminati

The one in Iceland, Holuhraun stopped just recently, it started 21 of august last year and has been doing its business until now. That is pretty fucked up.
Although it wasn’t an explosive one, it still is pretty crazy that mother earth is spewing out its intestines for so long. It makes me feel tiny and puny.

The one that just started is Villarrica, an explosive one in Chile. This confirms all conspiracy theories ever and it confirms my theories on life, being. … Life. No. That didn’t work out. Scratch that. But we’re keeping the conspiracy legitimization aspect. This means that the Illuminati are in fact a ground dwelling people/aliens taking residence somewhere beneath our earths crust. It seems that they are fucking shit up for us, but in fact they are just keeping us at bay and giving us a wake up call every now and then. They are actually kind of good minded, they want us to realize that we need to go further out in space. That is good for us as a species. We need to leave this destroyed planet of ours. But the reasons might be a bit egoistic. They want us to leave so that they can repair it and enjoy it for themselves. But their way of repairing it is to make it a big ball of lava. Because that is cool. And they don’t like winter. Yes. I’m going with that. Cue judge hammer. …

If you want a more “real” coverage of the Villarrica volcano, maybe go to BBC.

Also, sorry for missing out on tech Tuesday and life tip Monday. In short:
My Monday sucked big time. I actually woke up and thought it was Sunday and missed an appointment due to that. So the life tip for you is .. don’t think that Monday is Sunday.
Tech Tuesday then, what happened? I actually don’t remember. Maybe I was intoxicated by playing the new alpha of Unreal Tournament. Check it out on my twitch some time! But for a real mind blowing story, check this out.

It is about how dry ice could power a colony on mars! Maybe this also is the work of Illuminati to speed up our escape.

See you around! ~~

World Wednesday: Mongolia

Who does not wanna go to Mongolia?

It has been one of my childhood dreams. Yes, I am not lying. I was dreaming about traveling to off beaten places as a kid. I also remember distinctly wanting to live at a mountaintop. Maybe I was romanticizing a bit, but whatever, it was something I actually did think about. Like a way of escaping the everyday boredom as I saw it.

Even as a young person I realized that there is so much more to life than what you are presented with and handed. You just have to go out there and find it for yourself. And typing this makes me get a bit emotional as well. Seriously.

Mongolia, I will get to you!

World Wednesday: North Korea #2

I just had to watch this and also post about it. So, it is probably still Wednesday somewhere around the world!

I couldn’t stream though, so much hashtag life happening that no time was given!

Tomorrow though! See you then!



World Wednesday: North Korea

From time to time I get so into reading about North Korea. It is hard to explain but it is really fascinating.

Here, check out some pics of your own. I don’t want to post them here because I don’t own them.

Giant bomb also covered on of their members trip to the country, you can find it here.
(I don’t know if it was a premium feature, but I hope you can check it out)

There are also some books to read about it, this is one of the more popular ones

I haven’t read it but I think I will.

And here you go, the mass games in Pyongyang, with 100.000 of kids performing an Olympic-esque show, four days a week, three months a year. It is pretty insane.