Fah Lanna Spa – Chiang Mai


So I visited a spa for the first time in my life. It was actually the scariest thing I’ve done on my trip so far (ok not that scary but still… I was pretty lost with what to expect). I don’t really like massages. Yea I know I am crazy, but I am really sensitive and really ticklish. Maybe I have had bad experiences from friends giving me massages. They really think that I need the same treatment as them.. like punching the muscles and “untieing” muscleknots. I don’t have those! And if I do they don’t really bother me.

The place is conveniently located in the old town and is called Fah Lanna Spa. They had a nice atmosphere going on and they were friendly. When you get there they sit you down just like at a restaurant and they hand you a menu and some refreshing herbal tea.

I tried asking a bit for a recommendation since I didn’t want the punchy treatment. But the one helping me didn’t understand me fully but still recomended a hydrating cream massage treatment. So I went with that, it sounded less intense was pretty comfortable with that.

They showed me to a room further down in the walkway in the picture above and gave me some time to change into tiny underwear. It was a bit confusing but I tried to wing it. I mean, surely they have had people before who were a bit lost? I don’t know, but it worked out fine for me 😀

A woman took care of me and she started of with scrubbing my feet which also made me a bit confused. The menu didn’t say anything about that 😉 But hey it was all good! After that I lay down on a bed on my stomach with my face looking down through a hole into a bowl with water and flowers.

And there I was for about 30 minutes while she was working my legs, back and arms. It was actually very gentle compared to what I’ve heard. I figured that an experienced and knowledgeable massage therapist knew how to work different kinds of body types. It did barely tickle! So I could actually relax for most of the time. I usually just tense up and everything just hurts. But I was pleasantly surprised.

30 minutes had then passed and I turned over and she continued the same thing. In addition to the hydrating stuff she also worked my neck, my back and my head with more conventional massageing which also was a pleasant surprise. It was really a full treatment suitable for a thin guy like me 🙂

After one hour we were done and I was left to my own. I didn’t really know what to so so I just got dressed and left. Afterwards I was told that you can take more time for yourself in the room and take a shower or a bath. But I didn’t mind leaving. I felt refreshed.

Upon leaving they gave me hot herbal tea and some rice cookies and also drove me where I wanted In town. I went back to my hotel and chilled there for a bit before going out for a sunday night market stroll. During my chillout time I got bitten by four mosquitos all on my feet… that was the same amount of bites that I had accumulated in the 4 weeks prior of my trip. I guess they really liked my newly blood pumping body.

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