Mexican food + Sunday night market

So I took a walk to the well regarded Miguels the other day. I don’t really eat a lot of mexican food so I cant really say how genuine it was. But hey it was totally ok!



Burrrrriitooo. Actually my first ever 😀
Funny right? In Thailand!

But yeah, everything I’ve eaten in Thailand, Japan and Vietnam was better than this. I’m not a picky eater though and I was really satisfied with everything. Although you really could just go across the street for some street food, a lot cheaper and just as good, or better. But it was a nice change anyhow.

Later that day I went to the Sunday Night Market which is pretty much a 2km long street in the old town of Chiang Mai filled with stuff to buy!



They also have a Saturday night market but that one wasn’t as nice. It was just as crowded, maybe even more so and a bit crazier and also further away from the old town.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the old town in Chiang Mai is what matters! You get a much more authentic feel here. Even though it is pretty much modern it has its charm with many temples and smaller buildings and narrower alleyways. I like it!

So the Sunday night market is a different experience since it fills the ancient streets and templegrounds with food, clothes and trinkets. It was actually pleasant to walk all the way down and back. And I bought stuff!


That is the way from my hotel and all the way to the end of the street market. It starts from Wat Phra Singh until the moat!  The old town by the way is inside the “square” which is an old moat.



Some nice chill clothes and an ocarina! I am soooo happy 😀 it is ceramic and of high quality! The guy selling them was a nice dude sitting halfway down the market. At first I didn’t think about it much since there were alot of musicians on the road sitting down and wanting a donation. But as I walked on I realized that I had to go back and see what it was about. So on my way back I stopped by him and asked him about it and ended up buying one! He played some nice Zelda tunes for me 😉

The market run also ended up with me getting two pants, one shirt, one tank top, a fruit shake and some hand made postcards. It was a nice run and it was the nicest post cards yet!

I also got to be the owner of the hotel for 30 minutes! Such responsibility given to me!! It was fun! The owners were just getting some dinner so they needed someone to take care of things while they were gone. They also got me some food. Man I really love this place. Dozy House!

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