First real “homesickness”

People ask me if I miss home.
I simply don’t.
People ask me if i have cravings for something back home.
I simply don’t.

But I had a tad bit of longing for “glögg” with friends and family around the first of advent. I might be able to find some in Phuket though. We’ll see!

And anyone reading this back home. I love you, don’t take it personally. I just feel that I’m not done here. I miss you. But not like I’m feeling sick from it.

I told one of my best friends this a couple of months ago, it might shed some light into my insane brain, so I will share it, I hope it is ok mr friend!

No, I don’t miss you, you are a part of me, you are in my thoughts, I carry you with me wherever I go. I don’t need to physically meet you every week. I still love you and you will still be my friend wherever I am. We can go months without talking. But still we have such a close bond, like family, that when we finally meet or talk it is as we never even were apart. And that is why I don’t miss you.

I really hope people reading this understand my point of view. If you don’t.. yhen just know that friends and family is the absolute most important thing in my life.

But you know?
The worst part about travelling is meeting great people everywhere. Really truly awesome and genuine human beings. It humbles me. It kind of gives me hope for humanity.

But, I can’t see everyone all the time.
I want to see my new niece back home.
I want to see my one year old niece back home.
I want to meet my new friends here.
I want to meet my friends back home.
I want to work here.
I want to work back home.
I want to study here.
I want to study back home.
I want to trek and adventure more here.
I want to trek and adventure more at home.

You might see the pattern…

Someone said.

Home is wherever your friends are

Well. Is my home… earth?

I don’t know.

But I do know that I miss music with great sound! I can really get that in my apartment and with my nice setup and my nice headphones.

I’ve been listening to a lot of music in the evenings now amd the closer I get to departure date and the closer I get to home, the more I think “maan, this could sound so much better”

I hope I don’t hurt anyone by my mind picking good sound as the first thing i really miss.

Now let’s end the day with meditation.

See you soon! ❤

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