Playing games with mah freinds

_DSC6710 _DSC6711 2015-01-24 22.12.46

Both video games and card games were the focus of this small cozy event. Hmm, I’m lying, it was actually just to hang around nice friends. What we did was just an effect of all the niceness.
We streamed everything we played on twitch. We played The Resistance, Coup, The Yawhg and Amnesia. It was a great day!

The Resistance went great actually, it is about trying to find out who the spies are, but only the spies know who the other spies are. There are three in total and you have 5 rounds to try and figure that out by talking to each other, sending people on quests and seeing the outcome of said quests. The quests have no story relevance, because there is no story. You just talk and try to figure out who is which role and vote accordingly. We had great talks and we actually managed to hone down the spies through our fantastic abilities to spot lies! Dirty lies!

Then we played some Coup. Well. I didn’t. I managed the stream and chilled out. I kinda don’t remember the rules. So whatever. But it looked fun 😀

Aaand then the super duper atmospheric The Yawhg. It is a short, kinda role playing game about saving a town from a great storm like thing called the Yawhg. I won’t tell you much about it. You just have to play it, but not by yourself, play it with someone at least! You will have a great time trying to save the town or save yourself or… role play like you want. In the end you have created a story! A damn good one,  it could be happy and dark at the same time. And the music is great!

Finally, Amnesia. Scary game! Play! Do it! 😀

I slept for 15 hours after all of this. My body is crazy. Now I have to clean the place up and I’ll try to fix my headphones as well. I mean. it IS Monday, I guess I have to do, a thing at least.

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