You will never do anything that has not been done. Probably.

BUT, I have to be a bit critical here. Now I am no language-er, but I am Scandinavian. The word “Vemödalen”, it really sounds like a word that someone who heard a couple of Scandinavian words jumbled together. It actually make no sense. The base, or the foundation of the word might be ok, but the form of it is not logical. If it would be a word in a good grammatical sense it would instead look something like “Vemöda” or “Vemöd”. And it pretty awkward to put umlauts on something when in your own language you don’t actually use them. So why even do it? The whole thing feels lazy and overly pretentious.

It is also pretty awkward since the word “vemod” is a word, it means sadness or melancholy in Swedish. It actually makes the foundation of the word “Vemödalen” ok, like I said. They just need to make it a  bit more “correct” so to speak.

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