MWM #7: Cheesy

“How can you listen to this cheesy shit? “

This is not even a guilty pleasure. This is good. It is not even weird music. But it seems to some that this should not be up my alley.

Well it is. So here you go. A couple of cheesy songs that are very “feely”.

This one in particular is special in itself since it is a cover of a song that has the exact same lyrics, but is way less “feely”. It is interesting how the difference in production can change the whole feel of a song. The topic in question could be a conversation starter for a long and interesting discussion about music. Feel free to use it :D. Covers CAN actually be good!

The original by NeYo is a dance-pop-hit-thing that is shallower than the cover much because of its overproduced nature. It is made to work on the dance floor for people in a state where deep lyrics really doesn’t matter. That is OK, but not for me. I am just happy that Gavin Mikhail rendered this song very pleasant!

This one is not as cheesy but still very deep. I usually listen to songs like these when I want to get less afraid of my own feelings. Songs like these remind me that it is OK to feel a lot. Because I do.

Rarely do I listen to Anthony without the effect of fluids building up in my tear canals. This is also something that I rarely play for people, mostly because there are no moments to do so. But even if I would, how and why would I do that? What would the discussion be about? I don’t really know. So I just don’t. I am fine with leaving it in my box of songs for when I am alone.

Although I do remember playing one Anthony song at a friends party where I was in charge of the music quiz. To my surprise someone got it very quickly.

THAT VOICE wow wow wow.

My MWM list can be found on Spotify

See you another time ~~


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