World Wednesday: Mars updated!

So in recent space-news there has been lots of stuff regarding Pluto, our moon, Mars and Kepler-452b.

So I’ll do my share of the burden. I have been working on a list of things that are a good foundation for when I will become the president of Mars. I just recently translated it into English (Of course it was last night…).

So here it is! Lets build a better world! It is a work in progress, so the list under here won’t be updated, but the dedicated page on the blog will. Stay updated 😀


The Mars List

The minus list

  • Blue ball-pens
  • Disgusting pens
  • Disgusting keyboards and mice
  • Putting board game boxes in board game box lids
  • Strollers
  • Ticks
  • Christmas (including Christmas music)
  • Uneven arm rests for office chairs
  • Audible eating
  • Masquerades
  • To salty food
  • Smoking, “snusing” and chewing tobacco (pipes and big cigars are ok)
  • The flurf from garlic
  • Wrinkly or beaten up tea-strainers
  • Screeching porcelain plates (or metal cutlery)
  • Peedrizzle (A light annoying rain-drizzle in cold weather)
  • People (Those energy sponges stealing your energy who give nothing back, unaware of their surroundings)
  • Open bottles or open lids on shampoo bottles or ketchup bottles
  • Squeezed unempty bottles, like shampoo and ketchup bottles
  • Digging holes in the butter
  • Putting the board game box in the board game lid

The plus list

  • Abortion (sorry, I’ll be more serious from now on)
  • A new language construed by one word per person. You can bring only one, just like “Survivors”.
  • Arcades
  • Human beings

Technology Tuesday: Interstellar on IMAX #HYPE!

So one of the best movies by far last year was Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.
Recently it was announced that it would re-air on AMC IMAX cinemas, but just for one day. Man do I want to see that!

The problem is that AMC only has cinemas in the states and well, I live in Sweden. So tough luck for me I guess. but my hopes are up for it to air in Germany or in London. That is close enough and I would try my best to go.

The cool part about this new re-airing is that it is like a directors cut with 12 minutes of added footage. Hopefully that will be available some other way later on. I AM SO HYPED FOR THIS!

Maybe I’ll just have to celebrate my life by seeing it again tonight! Who is with me?
If you live in the states: here and here ou go. For us others, here, drool, read up, cry and flail around with your arms. I am doing that right now.