Technology Tuesday: Interstellar on IMAX #HYPE!

So one of the best movies by far last year was Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.
Recently it was announced that it would re-air on AMC IMAX cinemas, but just for one day. Man do I want to see that!

The problem is that AMC only has cinemas in the states and well, I live in Sweden. So tough luck for me I guess. but my hopes are up for it to air in Germany or in London. That is close enough and I would try my best to go.

The cool part about this new re-airing is that it is like a directors cut with 12 minutes of added footage. Hopefully that will be available some other way later on. I AM SO HYPED FOR THIS!

Maybe I’ll just have to celebrate my life by seeing it again tonight! Who is with me?
If you live in the states: here and here ou go. For us others, here, drool, read up, cry and flail around with your arms. I am doing that right now.

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