Do you hate cheap things?

I don’t hate cheap things. But this might be an interesting video for those who tend to buy more expensive stuff, just because they are more expensive (but probably has no difference in actual value). It is not perfect but it might give some perspective on the matter! I especially like the part about children and their perspective on things.

Technology Tuesday: Cars that run on water and air


Cars that run on a synthetic fuel, made from water and air, represent the cutting-edge of innovation now sweeping the auto industry. In a German factory, Audi is making “e-diesel” that uses— rather than emits—carbon dioxide.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? It sure does.

I remember when I was a wee little kid in maybe 8th grade. I was working on a science project trying to “construct” a clean future island. Sure we didn’t think about solutions like this, but this really reminds me of the enthusiasm of trying to come up with new ideas.

Even if this won’t be the next big thing, maybe because of the oil companies lobbying/carteling or maybe because of inefficiencies in the technology, it sure makes me enthusiastic about the future. About us finding good clean energy sources.

Although I don’t really believe that we can keep on using the amount of energy we are in the current rate. At least not until we actually find new planets.

But this new fuel is actually not that wonderful as it sounds from the headline. But it is a step in the right direction! It is better than drilling for more oil or burning more coal.

Audi has been working on cleaner diesels since 2009, and the only raw materials needed for its newest synthetic are water and carbon dioxide. Its pilot plant in Dresden, operated by the German clean technology company sunfire, uses CO2 supplied by a biogas facility.

Biogas in all its glory, but it takes a lot of resources to actually create it. Well. WHATEVER, WE ARE STOKED FOR THE FUTURE. LET’S DO IT!

And we should not forget what Tesla Motors is doing. You go Elon! Maybe I’ll sum up what they have been doing on another Tuesday. In the meantime.

World Wednesday: Illuminati confirmed! (Volcanoes)

So volcanoes, right?

Yeah, they are scary and cool as shit.

One stopps and then the other starts. Can we see the pattern here? #Illuminati

The one in Iceland, Holuhraun stopped just recently, it started 21 of august last year and has been doing its business until now. That is pretty fucked up.
Although it wasn’t an explosive one, it still is pretty crazy that mother earth is spewing out its intestines for so long. It makes me feel tiny and puny.

The one that just started is Villarrica, an explosive one in Chile. This confirms all conspiracy theories ever and it confirms my theories on life, being. … Life. No. That didn’t work out. Scratch that. But we’re keeping the conspiracy legitimization aspect. This means that the Illuminati are in fact a ground dwelling people/aliens taking residence somewhere beneath our earths crust. It seems that they are fucking shit up for us, but in fact they are just keeping us at bay and giving us a wake up call every now and then. They are actually kind of good minded, they want us to realize that we need to go further out in space. That is good for us as a species. We need to leave this destroyed planet of ours. But the reasons might be a bit egoistic. They want us to leave so that they can repair it and enjoy it for themselves. But their way of repairing it is to make it a big ball of lava. Because that is cool. And they don’t like winter. Yes. I’m going with that. Cue judge hammer. …

If you want a more “real” coverage of the Villarrica volcano, maybe go to BBC.

Also, sorry for missing out on tech Tuesday and life tip Monday. In short:
My Monday sucked big time. I actually woke up and thought it was Sunday and missed an appointment due to that. So the life tip for you is .. don’t think that Monday is Sunday.
Tech Tuesday then, what happened? I actually don’t remember. Maybe I was intoxicated by playing the new alpha of Unreal Tournament. Check it out on my twitch some time! But for a real mind blowing story, check this out.

It is about how dry ice could power a colony on mars! Maybe this also is the work of Illuminati to speed up our escape.

See you around! ~~

Technology Tuesday: Interstellar on IMAX #HYPE!

So one of the best movies by far last year was Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.
Recently it was announced that it would re-air on AMC IMAX cinemas, but just for one day. Man do I want to see that!

The problem is that AMC only has cinemas in the states and well, I live in Sweden. So tough luck for me I guess. but my hopes are up for it to air in Germany or in London. That is close enough and I would try my best to go.

The cool part about this new re-airing is that it is like a directors cut with 12 minutes of added footage. Hopefully that will be available some other way later on. I AM SO HYPED FOR THIS!

Maybe I’ll just have to celebrate my life by seeing it again tonight! Who is with me?
If you live in the states: here and here ou go. For us others, here, drool, read up, cry and flail around with your arms. I am doing that right now.