Technology Tuesday: Cars that run on water and air


Cars that run on a synthetic fuel, made from water and air, represent the cutting-edge of innovation now sweeping the auto industry. In a German factory, Audi is making “e-diesel” that uses— rather than emits—carbon dioxide.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? It sure does.

I remember when I was a wee little kid in maybe 8th grade. I was working on a science project trying to “construct” a clean future island. Sure we didn’t think about solutions like this, but this really reminds me of the enthusiasm of trying to come up with new ideas.

Even if this won’t be the next big thing, maybe because of the oil companies lobbying/carteling or maybe because of inefficiencies in the technology, it sure makes me enthusiastic about the future. About us finding good clean energy sources.

Although I don’t really believe that we can keep on using the amount of energy we are in the current rate. At least not until we actually find new planets.

But this new fuel is actually not that wonderful as it sounds from the headline. But it is a step in the right direction! It is better than drilling for more oil or burning more coal.

Audi has been working on cleaner diesels since 2009, and the only raw materials needed for its newest synthetic are water and carbon dioxide. Its pilot plant in Dresden, operated by the German clean technology company sunfire, uses CO2 supplied by a biogas facility.

Biogas in all its glory, but it takes a lot of resources to actually create it. Well. WHATEVER, WE ARE STOKED FOR THE FUTURE. LET’S DO IT!

And we should not forget what Tesla Motors is doing. You go Elon! Maybe I’ll sum up what they have been doing on another Tuesday. In the meantime.

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