MWM #2: Personalities

It is tiiiiiime! Te 2nd installment om my weird music is up!

This this “episode” we will be working within the theme “personalities”.
And since it has been so long since the first one, we will have two tunes for you!

The first one is from one of my favorite personalities from yesteryear, he was a huge Youtube personality just a couple of years ago. Sure, many people I know have heard of him or at least a tune from him. But the reactions to this song is very mixed. I think it is pretty cool though, but you will probably not like it 🙂

Ronald Jenkees


The second tune comes from band that I actually haven’t listened to in some time. But they are now in the process of making a new album so that is pretty interesting.
This music fits today’s theme perfectly. The two personalities behind the band are pretty fascinating (Raja Ram & Simon Postford aka Halucionogen), and the music is nothing I usually play when people are over. If I do, I usually get some funky stares aimed at me.


As usual this is my Spotify playlist for these songs. (You might even find other songs there because I put stuff there before I write about them)


Peace out, now I have to get some food!


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