7 day meditation

Radio silence upcoming. I will be spending seven days in the Wat Doi Suthep doing Vipassana meditation.

Get up at 05 in the morning, listen to some buddhist teachings.
Breakfast at 07 and then meditation.
You practice breathing while sitting and walking.
At 11 you have lunch. That is also the last meal of the day. You aren’t alowed to eat in the afternoon.

During your stay you have to be silent and focus. You can’t sleep during the day and you cant use electronics. You also need to be dressed all in white.

My preparations are done, I think 😀
I’m a bit nervous but hopefully it’ll go well and I won’t be kicked out.


This is my home from today, ok not with all the tourists but at this temple at least. The facilities are located a bit below the tourist attractions

2 thoughts on “7 day meditation

  1. så himla coolt! hoppas du kommer i balans och blir harmonisk. tänker att det kan vara lite jobbigt de första dagarna.. speciellt men så få mål mat om dagen. huga.. men häftigt! hörs om en vecka:)

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