I have landed in Mae Hong Son

After six hours in a minivan I finally arrived at around 7 in the evening.


I called my guest house to see how I could get there. Funny enough the owner had been waiting for me all day rejecting other customers and even calling the bus station to tell me how I could get there. It was a strange but very welcoming experience to have the staff at the buss station in a small town  knowing your name. And after a couple of minutes the owner picked me up with her scooter!

I’m staying in Baan Mai Guest house, they only have three rooms and it is very relaxed. The owner is really happy and helpful.

After a well earned sleep I got up pretty early and had some tea. An hour later some breakfast made by the guest house and then I was of to see the town.

Well, it was a sleepy one because everywhere I went it was quiet or closed. I just have to wait some more before I hit the streets 😉

I saw some temples and a couple of military helicopters and I ate some great food.









I was just hanging around the locals.

Now I’m of to the mountain top close by to see the sunset!

Tomorrow I think I’ll rent a scooter so I can go to a waterfall and a village near a tea plantation. It has two names, Mae Aw and Baan Rak Thai. We’ll see how confusing those 47km will be 😀

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