Merry new year and happy new birthday to me!

A couple of days have passed and I have been busy doing nothing and stuff. The nothing is not that interesting, it is mostly me sleeping way to long but the stuff has been nice.

For instance me and my friends having some deep conversations pre-new years and making tacos, the swedish staple food for when you don’t know what to eat.


And Christmas flavored beers!

Then it was new years, we had nice food made by our great hosts, standing next to me in the picture.


nyår jossa

There was fancy drinking glasses with unfancy beer drinking techniques

There was a dog

There was bål (A concoction of alcohol, fruit and soda)

_DSC6701 _DSC6697 
_DSC6667 _DSC6664
There were social games

The effect of me taking pictures instead of joining the games

And then there were fireworks, I kinda don’t like it, it is unnecessary, but it is what it is.
(A big industry, and bad for the environment and pets)

Then there was the day after. It was actually very nice. The party wasn’t crazy so I want really hungover. And the lovley hosts made breakfast, omelet and bacon!

And then I had to find my way home, this is pretty much a common map located at bus stations with all the bus connections in north of Stockholm pointed out.
There were actually no problems, and the buses were empty.

And for some reason, I was born 29 years ago yesterday. So me and two friends hung out. We shopped for some fruit and tea, played some ocarina, I showed some pictures, we ate passion fruit and I made some food. The passion fruit were ok, a bit sour, and the food was ok, a bit to much seasoning though 😀

One mango is about 20 sek (100 baht, craaazy) but the passion fruit were nice, it was 20 sek for 6.



I like mah pants!

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