Minitourist in Uppsala

wpid-img-20150104-wa0000.jpgwpid-img-20150104-wa0006.jpgToday I was a minitourist in Uppsala with my great sister, her boyfriend and their daughter!wpid-20150104_120416.jpg wpid-20150104_120509.jpg wpid-20150104_120646.jpg wpid-20150104_120906.jpg wpid-20150104_121149.jpg wpid-20150104_125444.jpg

We had a very relaxing time drinking tea before noon and then right around noon we took a walk around town seeing the old Cathedral and the surrounding area. It was very nice, we bought some Swedish pastries and thai food!

The thai food was good, I mean for being made in Sweden. I had some Tom Yam Gai (Chicken Soup), it didn’t taste anything like what I had in Thailand, but still good. wpid-20150104_123639.jpg wpid-20150104_123628.jpg wpid-20150104_122405.jpgAnd well, this is how a Thai restaurant looks in Uppsala.

wpid-20150104_133129.jpg wpid-20150104_120309.jpg

And a Semla, they are very good and very Swedish, but they can be very overwhelming!

Regarding me being a “minitoruist”, I’ve been around in Uppsala many times, but I haven’t really seen that much. Or I think I have but maybe not really realizing how beautiful it is. My perspectives have changed a bit since my big trip, I now feel a bit like a tourist in my own country. I see things a bit differently, partly because I know that it might actually be interesting to my new friends abroad and partly because I’ve been in such a different culture that coming back makes it a bit interesting again. Just walking around and seeing the town is for me like a new experience. It is like I’m still in travel mode :D. I intend to keep this mode turned on! It is so much more rewarding to see where you are, to stop, look around and engulf the atmosphere instead of stressfully going from point A to B like some kind of robot.

After some chill and tired time at my sisters place I spontaneously met with a long time friend who just moved to Uppsala. We of course had a “fika” and talked for an hour or so. I had passion fruit tea, it was really good actually. wpid-20150104_193452.jpg wpid-20150104_193530.jpg

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