Stuff I sometimes do


Took me about 30 minutes fiddling with Photoshop. It is a banner for my Twitch stream 😀

It is pretty stupid!

The rest of my day has revolved around me fixing my PC, it has been running very unreliable for some time. Yesterday I researched a lot about what it could be and today I dove down into it. I think I managed pretty well. The problem was that sometimes it didn’t boot with my BIOS telling me that my overclocking couldn’t be applied, I could often not care about that and just reboot. But as of late it did not work. So I re-did all settings. I am now cruising around ~4GHz instead of .. I dunno, like 2.9GHz? It is an old core i7 920, so I am pretty happy to squeeze out a bit more out of it before something new is required.

TLDR. I Did good!

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