Anxiety, you crazy breed
I hope you feel lonely
Without me

Depression, it lodged a seed
I hope my weeping
In time will seize

Semester soon over!

Last time when I wrote about what I occupy myself with at the university I wrote about a wind farm planning project. That actually went really well, I produced some good results and my presentation was well recieved. I don’t have any images of that on this PC though. But I kinda need to get that backuped. It will be some kind of a portfolio for my future. I guess. Anyway. Time passed, four smaller projects later and another bigger project was on the agenda. This time it was an exploratory project regarding LiDAR and how to visualize and quantify this type of data.

So. Yeah well. I was sick some of the days, it got really stressful and I didn’t do as much as I wanted. I did manage to produce some results though buuuuut I am not that proud of it. This is some of it at least. A very basic location map, a density model, a 3D representation of canopy density and a elevation/vegetation profile.

Happy GISing!

I’m not going to explain anything more. Good night! ~~ 😀

Busy! Also: MWM 4

Okokokokok! Yeah yeah, I’ve been busy. And I still am. But at least I now do have the energy to write this!

ALL the projects have gone well (except for one maybe.. like last week, because I was feeling terrible and my group “teammate” was not really what you could call, helpful). But the wind farm planning in particular was actually liked by everyone and I got the best grade, yay me!

Also, this:2015-11-26 15.27.23


And because wee need color in our life. Here take this. Another addition of MWM: More Powah to Yah

EDIT: Ops, I already posted something with Xploding Plastics so, here you go. A bonus song for you:



Wind farm planning project: on its way!

I’m actually really bad with creating models or flowcharts like this. This actually took me all day. And I can confidently, without doubt say, that I am totally OK with it!. This flowchart pretty much sums up everything I’ve been doing for the last two weeks.

Tomorrow is the day when I have to create the presentation and find a way to visualize all my data. But… that is something for tomorrow-me to worry about.

Wind Power Model

Stuff I sometimes do


Took me about 30 minutes fiddling with Photoshop. It is a banner for my Twitch stream 😀

It is pretty stupid!

The rest of my day has revolved around me fixing my PC, it has been running very unreliable for some time. Yesterday I researched a lot about what it could be and today I dove down into it. I think I managed pretty well. The problem was that sometimes it didn’t boot with my BIOS telling me that my overclocking couldn’t be applied, I could often not care about that and just reboot. But as of late it did not work. So I re-did all settings. I am now cruising around ~4GHz instead of .. I dunno, like 2.9GHz? It is an old core i7 920, so I am pretty happy to squeeze out a bit more out of it before something new is required.

TLDR. I Did good!

Djuplördag #2 – Bära

Förlåt till alla de som är mig kära

Jag är inte ledsen för er jag ej kan bära

Förlåt för min oförmåga och min blindhet

En själförmögen klyscha i tro om saknad av rum att fylla