IRL Thursday: Pangur Ban

This is the first IRL Thursday and you are asking yourself, what is this all about?
Well, it is about me. MY life. My stuff.

It can incorporate a lot, but I like that. Because then I don’t have to narrow it down insanely much. I can tangentially touch upon many subjects in and around a genre.

So what do I want to tell you about myself today?

Yeah well. That I get sad by listening to this:

The movie itself, The Secret Of Kells is really good. I can not recommend it enough. The music, the setting and the atmosphere is crazily cozy but still a bit haunting. It is a cool movie for sure. But the problem is. I saw this movie during a period in my life when everything really was shit, or it was turning to shit and got worse as time went. The person who introduced me to the movie was at that time no problem, but became one. A real big one. And that is the reason why I feel sad listening to this soundtrack, I remember to much. Memories work in strange ways. They can ruin music and movies (and other things of course) for you.

It is not the first time that this has happened to me and I have never really concurred the ruination (lack of better words) of music or other media by bad experiences and haunting memories. But I am working on it.

In this instance, I am trying to listen to this album objectively. I do other stuff at the same time, I play games and I talk to friends. That way I get used to the music without only thinking about the past. That also creates new emotions and situations coupled together with the music. It displaces my feelings, maybe very little but it is still enough for me to be able to listen to it! In the end I hope to be able to watch the movie again and create new memories, positive ones.

The moral of the story is, don’t let bad experiences ruin good music or movies for you!

Peace out!

One thought on “IRL Thursday: Pangur Ban

  1. Jag ÄLSKAR Symphony of Science men HATAR egentligen att lyssna på det, eftersom personen som introducerade mig till det är en sad story. Det liksom är härligt samtidigt som det sticker i hela kroppen.

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