Exam probably passed


Studying for the exam…


The morning of the exam


And finally, the end of the day

Also, tip of the day. DON’T give a shit about people who don’t give a shit about you. (I’m just gonne play Pillars of Eternity and draw cool shit and drink tea alone!)

IRL Thursday: Internet to the rescue!

It is 4:20 AM. Good morning? I just woke up from a really shitty dream. No one was awake, so, Internet came to the rescue!

What, how is that possible you say?

Well, I happened to surf to a website I do enjoy from time to time. It is called giantbomb.com.

But what did I find there that helped me find my sanity?

Mainly this forum thread. I love me some paint! And I love me some art! I am no good at “arting” myself, but I want to be good, and I really appreciate the chill out manner a thread like this is showing what art can be. It made me chuckle and feel a bit better about myself.

These are just some of the examples. Also the last one was made by this guy who also made a video of it during work. Pretty rad!

And you now what. It is E3 soon! HYPE!

IRL Thursday: Sometimes I hang with people

Would you know. Some times I actually go places. Yep, the mere thought of that must boggle your mind.
… it is not? Well, it is boggling my mind. Because the last couple of days have been a black hole for me. I am sorry for my followers both here and on Twitch. Shit has been crazy. It really has been a black dark hole, I have been sleeping during the day and not getting any sunlight. That is some IRL stuff people. So let’s get back on the horse, let us remind ourselves that we sometimes do stuff.

Check this old fab gaming event we had with some friends. I documented it with my old old phone so the videos are real crappy. It was very fun though!


EDIT: I added more videos to the playlist from other events. Woop. Also, these videos are the most boring thing ever for anyone who wasn’t there. And even then it is pretty boring. But hey. I am working thorugh my “to-do list”


IRL Thursday: Artistic soul

I try. I want to. I do it way to seldom. But I really have an artistic soul. I love to create, I love to improvise and I love to see something that I’ve done being a complete work. It makes me feel proud of myself.

I have many plans regarding my artistic ongoings. None of them are that big, and many of them are started projects I kinda never finished. It is mostly because I am not that good in that area. I can’t sing. I can’t draw. I can’t animate. I can’t design. But all of these things I wanna do. So I do just little here and there.

I don’t wanna go into a lot of the specifics because then I might never finish them (check this post on why).

But I did start to paint my wall many years ago. It was supposed to be a big red tree. I never finished that.

I started with a sound project called “Sounds you can make”, it is actually here on the blog in a tab on top… I think. It was a fun idea where I just wanted to record spontaneous sounds and make a collection of it. I never finished that.

I’ve been drawing stuff, like self portraits. this is one of them:
glasögon, porträtt

I never really continued on that part either.

And now I want to make a collage of every brochure I collected on my travels and I also want to model stuff in Unreal Engine. We will see how that goes!

This is actually a big problem I have in life. I am so interested in EVERYTHING that I don’t really end up doing a lot. Because it is so hard to focus on one thing. It is like being the opposite of being one of those who really have a clear goal in mind. A dream that they strive for. Well. I kinda do now. I want to finish my master studies in Geography really badly. But I still want to do all this other stuff.

I dunno. Are you the same?

See you around~~

IRL Thursday: Pangur Ban

This is the first IRL Thursday and you are asking yourself, what is this all about?
Well, it is about me. MY life. My stuff.

It can incorporate a lot, but I like that. Because then I don’t have to narrow it down insanely much. I can tangentially touch upon many subjects in and around a genre.

So what do I want to tell you about myself today?

Yeah well. That I get sad by listening to this:

The movie itself, The Secret Of Kells is really good. I can not recommend it enough. The music, the setting and the atmosphere is crazily cozy but still a bit haunting. It is a cool movie for sure. But the problem is. I saw this movie during a period in my life when everything really was shit, or it was turning to shit and got worse as time went. The person who introduced me to the movie was at that time no problem, but became one. A real big one. And that is the reason why I feel sad listening to this soundtrack, I remember to much. Memories work in strange ways. They can ruin music and movies (and other things of course) for you.

It is not the first time that this has happened to me and I have never really concurred the ruination (lack of better words) of music or other media by bad experiences and haunting memories. But I am working on it.

In this instance, I am trying to listen to this album objectively. I do other stuff at the same time, I play games and I talk to friends. That way I get used to the music without only thinking about the past. That also creates new emotions and situations coupled together with the music. It displaces my feelings, maybe very little but it is still enough for me to be able to listen to it! In the end I hope to be able to watch the movie again and create new memories, positive ones.

The moral of the story is, don’t let bad experiences ruin good music or movies for you!

Peace out!