IRL Thursday: Artistic soul

I try. I want to. I do it way to seldom. But I really have an artistic soul. I love to create, I love to improvise and I love to see something that I’ve done being a complete work. It makes me feel proud of myself.

I have many plans regarding my artistic ongoings. None of them are that big, and many of them are started projects I kinda never finished. It is mostly because I am not that good in that area. I can’t sing. I can’t draw. I can’t animate. I can’t design. But all of these things I wanna do. So I do just little here and there.

I don’t wanna go into a lot of the specifics because then I might never finish them (check this post on why).

But I did start to paint my wall many years ago. It was supposed to be a big red tree. I never finished that.

I started with a sound project called “Sounds you can make”, it is actually here on the blog in a tab on top… I think. It was a fun idea where I just wanted to record spontaneous sounds and make a collection of it. I never finished that.

I’ve been drawing stuff, like self portraits. this is one of them:
glasögon, porträtt

I never really continued on that part either.

And now I want to make a collage of every brochure I collected on my travels and I also want to model stuff in Unreal Engine. We will see how that goes!

This is actually a big problem I have in life. I am so interested in EVERYTHING that I don’t really end up doing a lot. Because it is so hard to focus on one thing. It is like being the opposite of being one of those who really have a clear goal in mind. A dream that they strive for. Well. I kinda do now. I want to finish my master studies in Geography really badly. But I still want to do all this other stuff.

I dunno. Are you the same?

See you around~~

2 thoughts on “IRL Thursday: Artistic soul

  1. Bra beskrivet! Lite så. Jag har väl ett main-intresse i teckningen men samtidigt vill jag virka, brodera, pärla, sy och skulptera. Hur ska man hinna med allt? Jag struntar nog i sommarjobb i år igen tror jag.

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