Adventure Friday: Butterflies, mead and the old town, Stockholm

So a mini adventure happened. Evil animals happened. Fika with vacuum cleaners happened. Fake jungle happened and an old town happened.

2015-03-08 16.52.35
Om nom! One of my fav Swedish pastry. a “damsugare” which translates into a “vacuum cleaner”. It tastes better than a real one though. I think. I never tried one.

We went to the”Butterfly House” in Stockholm and found some great stuff in the store there. Because table tennis is what comes to mind thinking about butterflies.

2015-03-08 14.28.14

2015-03-08 14.07.33

So the Butterfly house is a nice relaxed place with way to many kids. They have a bunch of butterflies flying around in a big greenhouse with a warm and humid climate. Pretty sweet just for that I think. But For some reason, they had to evil it up a bit (as if butterflies weren’t evil enough). They were thinking about adding bugs and insects a couple of years ago, they went with sharks instead. Because that attracts evil kids.


But I don’t go there for the sharks. I actually go there for the butterflies and the warmth.

_DSC6729    _DSC6728

And because of this fish being our friend, chilling under a tree.

The environment they created is pretty relaxing, even for butterflies. Looks so chill!


And they lure the butterflies to sit nicely for all the photographers with pineapple traps.

They also let this terrifying creature loose.

We continued on to the old town.”Plattan” or Sergels Torg as it is called is on the way there. it is the most known meeting place in central Stockholm. The City Theatre and the Culture House is located in that big building


Further on our way~~~soon there!



On our way we saw the well known City Hall, pretty much a staple on post cards.

And finally we were were we wanted to be. At “Sjätte Tunnan”. The name means “Sixth Barrel” and it is a well known medieval themed bar where you drink and eat like a viking. Mead is so good! But they have so much more crazy stuff. You really need to go there if you visit Stockholm. It is a treat and you will surely find cool people or just different people to talk to. What am I saying? To drink with!.

Can you see my future in this? Because I can! MEAD! Vikings are going to rule soon!


_DSC6741 _DSC6739

The food is superb and unique, just as the atmosphere. Everyone loves it! (If you don’t then you are not cool). I had Orange flavoured moose and my good friend had.. something else awesome 😀


Moomin is cool. This is a store.

And here is a bonus for you, because I know it can be hard to know how to use a hand dryer.


And why not. Here are some more bonuses. Because I couldn’t find another post for them. So this is almost like a mini guide to Stockholm. You are welcome. They are not from the same day.


This one is from a fancy schmancy place at “Stureplan” a.k.a the most expensive street in Swedish monopoly.


This is another popular meeting place in Stockholm, it is Hötorget, the blue house is Konserthuset, literally “The Concert House”. During the day it is a small market with fruit and random assortments. The house furthest away is a food court. Behind “me” is another food court and one of the many cinemas Stockholm has. Still not the same day but whatever.


St Eriks bridge, with a lookout over the central parts of Stockholm.

See you~~

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