Life Tip Monday: Don’t settle with shit

life tip for you coming up.

People say that friends are really hard to come by. I guess that is true to the extent that really good friends are hard to come by. And those friends you should really treat with the utmost respect you have. But that is not the point we are trying to make today.

People come and go. You need to know that. You need to embrace that. Embrace it so much that you can be the one who leaves. If you are stuck with shitty friends. Leave. It is not simple. But sometimes it is the best thing you can do.

You should not be afraid of swapping out the ones you hang around with. If they suck out more energy then you get back. Then why are you still there? Are you some kind of a noble knight? No. You should first take care of yourself. And I don’t mean in a selfish way. You just need to think about what makes you unhappy, stressed out or miserable. If your daily crowd of people is it. Then change it.

There are so many good and understanding folks out there. You just need to put yourself out there and let them find you. You don’t even have to “look”. Man, this sounds like a thing people say to people really looking for a partner but they don’t succeed. Whatever.

Friends come and go. You should not stick by shit if it is shit. And don’t feel bad for not wanting to hang out with people because they don’t give you anything. It is ok. People move on. You could also move on.

Also, here take this stupid clip of me reading lyrics.

Here’s the original

Happy Monday!


One thought on “Life Tip Monday: Don’t settle with shit

  1. Ja, att önska att allt var som förut är ungefär det värsta man kan göra, har jag lärt mig. Det är faktiskt mycket roligare, utvecklande och spännande utanför den där bubblan. Flyg iväg, flyg iväg!

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