Sleepless life

I’ve been sleeping so much the last couple of days. Don’t really know why. I need sun. I need to exercise I guess. Hopefully I can start with stuff like that tomorrow. I will for now focus on getting back on a normal sleeping schedule. Good luck with that…

But I still managed to get out a bit and hang around with friends. It was pretty awesome, chill and invigorating.
We played board games! King of Tokyo at first, which went terribly bad for me. But hey. I took calculated stupid risks and I am happy with that. We followed that up with The Reistance, which I actually wasn’t that stoked to play. I usually end up getting insane headaches from social mind-fuckery games, But it went great. It was also the first time I played as a Spy. That was actually really fun and contrary to my earlier beliefs, it wasn’t easier! I still had to think a lot and we ended up winning. Yay spies!

2015-04-18 01.12.43

Theeen we just talked a lot. As we usually do. It is kinda the best thing hanging around nice people. Just talking about both deep stuff and well, not so deep stuff, like Tinder. How it sucks, and how it is great. I don’t know how the service is for myself becuase, I stay the fuck away from arenas where I need to describe myself. I hate that so much. It feels sooo untrue and shallow. So I just don’t 😉

Peace out!

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