Life tip Monday: Listen to music

I am not talking about everyday radio music. That sucks.
Music can be so much more than that. Of course it can be a legitimate “use” of music, to have it as an everyday escape from all the fuzz and stress and silence. (Silence is for another Monday though).
Music is life. Music moves. Music touches.

Do I need to elaborate more? Maybe I do.


Let me tell you a story then. The beginning of last year was terrible for me. I was stuck with a job I didn’t like and a private life that was really frustrating. I was getting nowhere. I was stressed, I had serious anxiety issues and was on the brink of depression. I even cried at work because I couldn’t stand it and I didn’t know what to do. I had to get some release and to feel safe somewhere. I couldn’t do that at work and I couldn’t do that at home. So during lunch breaks I walked for way longer than I should have, just walking. And when I got back to work I sometimes had to escape to the bathroom. The only place I could be alone. At home I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t rest and had chest pains most of the time. So yeah. It fucking sucked. And that is the short story.

Sure I had support from a few  good friends and my family. But for me, I didn’t really want to be annoying or to demanding of them. I have always been one of those who really try their best to solve all problems alone and try to be self sustaining. I didn’t want help from people (that is a story in it self, I’m not saying it is desirable). But the one thing that I had was music. It was my escape pod on a derelict space ship.

I used that a lot both at work and at home. At home it was mostly on high volume (sorry neighbors) and at work with a pair of serious headphones. It didn’t only help me escape for a moment to let me breathe. It also gave me inspiration at a time when I really needed it. So sure, It wasn’t the only thing that helped me out of my dark derelict space ship. But it sure was a catalyst.

So what did I listen to that helped me? Well. Without any further words I leave you with stuff that was prominent during this time. (I also watched a lot of Cosmos)

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