Why do you wear perfume while exercising?

Very often when I am running or exercising, I pass people wearing perfume (or very strong smelling deodorant). Very often they also have fashion-right stylish, trendy clothes. What happened to running in whatever you are comfortable in? Why do you have to look like you are going to a date?

Around ten years ago, you seldom saw people with trendy workout outfits. Sure there has always been workout outfits, but today it is so insanely prominent everywhere. It is actually very sad. People spend so much money for a specific item they use only for one thing. What happened to running in your slacks? And aren’t you supposed to exhaust yourself, sweat, get all red in the face, spit and talk incomprehensibly? Do you think that the perfume will make you smell better after all the sweat has mixed together with the perfume?

I don’t know.

Last time I ran I passed a bunch of these people, they all looked the same. So I had a small rant during my run. More than half of it disappeared of course, But whatever. I did something with it!

This actually makes me think if people actually are embarrassed to “look” exhausted, to look red in the face, to be sweaty, so much that they stop before they meet anyone they pass… or the other way around. Maybe they walk when there is no one there and then they start moving as soon as someone is close.

Please just don’t. If you exercise, you do it for yourself. Don’t care about anyone else.

See you around! ~~

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