The Science of Awkwardness: Sonder

If you are like me, few people are, but if you are, and you think a lot about how people percieve you. Watch VSauce wonderful explanation on why you are super extremely normal!

He brings forward good social examples and concepts about why it is a good thing for people to feel awkward or nervous. It all sounds so logical and comforting at the same time!

Have you ever thought to yourself that the angry bus driver not giving you slack, the clerk not greeting you or the random bypasser bumping into you are just like you? Human beings – in an almost marvelous, tiny and kind of charming insignificant way. We all have our problems and concerns and we all matter the exact same amount in the bigger picture. Huge or small, it is up to you.

Thinking about things like this makes me a more harmonious person. I am happier not going berserk as soon as someone bumps into me. Maybe they had a bad day? And you know what. I am going to have bad days as well.

Remember that!

And watch the video if anything above sounded familiar or interesting.

He also does it with a tad bit of humor, I mean if you are into that sort of thing.

See you ~~

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