There is no “self”

Bot you and I know that it is really hard to change bad habits. But maybe this little tidbit of scientific fact can help you. It is of course possible to change who you are, and that should be something comforting because that means that you can strive to evolve without endangering yourself, since, there is no self.

We’re talking about neuroplasticity, our brains power to change, not only mentally. I would like to call it the effect of realizing that you and what constitutes your self is not set in stone. Also called perspective, hah! Well, the point is that you can change both mentally and physically, even in your brain.


Check out my this post from when I was meditating for a whole week (I just read it and it is ridden with spelling errors.. but hey I wrote all of that on my smartphone with a cracked screen).
Or check out this article where they talk a bit more about the plasticity.

Everyday science: tying shoes

I’ve been tying my shoes the same way ever since I tought myself when I was about 5 years old. I never understood what other people were doing and why they called it (and still call it), the correct way or a better way. It has always been working, there is nothing complicated about it and thus I have never had the need to change it.

Well, until now when I want to change it. Just for the fun of it, and because it actually looks super easy amd fast.

Here you go!

I could never imagine how much this would matter to people. It seems that people get really involved over such a small thing. It is not even a problem but maaan do they need to tell you how your kid is tying his shoes wrong.

As I told you. I did teach myself. Kids are not stupid.

I will try the method above. Because why not, no one is yelling at me or telling me I’m doing anything wrong. They just show us a different way in a fun short video. (I’m not really into maths but their videos are pretty captivating)

Peace out! ~~

Semester soon over!

Last time when I wrote about what I occupy myself with at the university I wrote about a wind farm planning project. That actually went really well, I produced some good results and my presentation was well recieved. I don’t have any images of that on this PC though. But I kinda need to get that backuped. It will be some kind of a portfolio for my future. I guess. Anyway. Time passed, four smaller projects later and another bigger project was on the agenda. This time it was an exploratory project regarding LiDAR and how to visualize and quantify this type of data.

So. Yeah well. I was sick some of the days, it got really stressful and I didn’t do as much as I wanted. I did manage to produce some results though buuuuut I am not that proud of it. This is some of it at least. A very basic location map, a density model, a 3D representation of canopy density and a elevation/vegetation profile.

Happy GISing!

I’m not going to explain anything more. Good night! ~~ 😀

Science: We are built to be kind

Darwin regarding: Survival of the fittest
“… those communities, which included the greatest number of the most sympathetic members, would flourish best, and rear the greatest number of offspring”

Now there’s a perspective for you who might have thought that the “fittest” meant the faster, stronger or more ruthless creature.


~~Peace out! 2016 coming up!~~

Wind farm planning project: on its way!

I’m actually really bad with creating models or flowcharts like this. This actually took me all day. And I can confidently, without doubt say, that I am totally OK with it!. This flowchart pretty much sums up everything I’ve been doing for the last two weeks.

Tomorrow is the day when I have to create the presentation and find a way to visualize all my data. But… that is something for tomorrow-me to worry about.

Wind Power Model

Problems problems problems (GIS) and happy Back to the future day!

Well, at least we are not talking about my physical or mental health, although we might soon be…

Today we did stuff from 9-21, serious business is serious, but I was greeted with new shirts in my mailbox when I finally got home.

Two of these bad boys landed safely outside my apartment, one yellow and one red.
(Pretty weird that the yellow is made in America and the other one in Pakistan though)

One of the issues today at the lab was (not going to explain it further :D): trying to get this

but only getting this 😦

Fixed that after 4 hours of scouring through aaall of the internet. But finally managed to scramble some bits and pieces together to solve my specific issue, which by the way wasn’t explained well at all by the developers of the software even if it is a known issue. Another issue arised after this though, that one is being solved (hopefully) tonight because I left the computer on to do some calculations which might fix the problem! Let us hope!

Also, I’m hungry all the time


See you! ~~

Wind Farm Planning

Is harder than it seems.


Where would you put a wind farm? This is pretty much as much data as I have right now. I’ve been reading a lot about desicion making but also about positive and negative factors with wind power. Now I have to, in two weeks find a spot suitable in northern Sweden for a wind farm with factors like sound level, infrastructure, closeness to development, wind potential, bird migration patyerns and more weighing in.

Good luck to me! ^^