Everyday science: tying shoes

I’ve been tying my shoes the same way ever since I tought myself when I was about 5 years old. I never understood what other people were doing and why they called it (and still call it), the correct way or a better way. It has always been working, there is nothing complicated about it and thus I have never had the need to change it.

Well, until now when I want to change it. Just for the fun of it, and because it actually looks super easy amd fast.

Here you go!

I could never imagine how much this would matter to people. It seems that people get really involved over such a small thing. It is not even a problem but maaan do they need to tell you how your kid is tying his shoes wrong.

As I told you. I did teach myself. Kids are not stupid.

I will try the method above. Because why not, no one is yelling at me or telling me I’m doing anything wrong. They just show us a different way in a fun short video. (I’m not really into maths but their videos are pretty captivating)

Peace out! ~~

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