Colors are always fun!

This is pretty cool, I want one of those balls 😀

By the way, I had no holes in my teeth! Yay!
Also, now when the exam is over, we are instead doing our own projects wooho! I think I’ll post something about it tomorrow since I will be researching it more then. (On a sunday?!?!, yes because science is fun! 🙂 )

Today’s Sunday flea market findings




Next Sunday I’ll get some moon maps! Wooohoo!

Ok the two later pictures are very uninteresting if you don’t know Swedish, but nevertheless and for your information; it is a collection of poems and folk songs from the 50’s so the language is a bit different and sometimes hard to understand. It is cool though but the book smelled so strongly of “oldness” that I could read more than a couple of pages.

Also, lets pretend that I’ve not been inactive here shall we? Ok, good 😉 good night!

The Science of Awkwardness: Sonder

If you are like me, few people are, but if you are, and you think a lot about how people percieve you. Watch VSauce wonderful explanation on why you are super extremely normal!

He brings forward good social examples and concepts about why it is a good thing for people to feel awkward or nervous. It all sounds so logical and comforting at the same time!

Have you ever thought to yourself that the angry bus driver not giving you slack, the clerk not greeting you or the random bypasser bumping into you are just like you? Human beings – in an almost marvelous, tiny and kind of charming insignificant way. We all have our problems and concerns and we all matter the exact same amount in the bigger picture. Huge or small, it is up to you.

Thinking about things like this makes me a more harmonious person. I am happier not going berserk as soon as someone bumps into me. Maybe they had a bad day? And you know what. I am going to have bad days as well.

Remember that!

And watch the video if anything above sounded familiar or interesting.

He also does it with a tad bit of humor, I mean if you are into that sort of thing.

See you ~~


Sarychev i Ryssland fÄr ett litet utbrott 2009, nÄgra bilder tas frÄn ISS, det komponeras ihop till en mysig video. Vulkanen har registrerade utbrott frÄn 1760 till 2009. This is cool to me!


Ensam i rymden

Eftersom jag Ă€r en rymdtönt sĂ„ blev jag nĂ€stan lite tĂ„rögd till Al Wordens svar pĂ„ frĂ„gan om han kĂ€nde sig ensam “bakom” mĂ„nen. Han satt nĂ€mligen ensam tre dagar i den rymdkapsel som cirkulerade runt mĂ„nen i vĂ€ntan pĂ„ att kollegorna (Dave Scott & Jim Irwin) skulle bli klara med sina förehavanden pĂ„ mĂ„nen.  Uppdraget var Apollo 15 och Ă„ret var 1971! Fabulastic!

You were a quarter of a million miles away from home though.

Yes, you’re a long way away but the thing that most impressed me about being in lunar orbit – particularly the times when I was by myself – was that every time I came round the backside of the Moon, I got to a window where I could watch the Earthrise and that was phenomenal. And in addition to that, I got to look at the universe out there with a very different perspective and a very different way than anyone had before.

flame-nebula-1920 messier-78-1920spiral-galaxy-ngc1232-1920moon remote sensing

Give it to me now

Jag vill ocksÄ!!!

Dagens lĂ€sning ej kopplad till populĂ€rkultur



Det hĂ€r Ă€r faktiskt en delfin (Snubfin dolphin), en art som först 2005 upptĂ€cktes utanför Australiens kust. TyvĂ€rr Ă€r den ganska utrotningshotad i och med strandnĂ€ra utveckling. Vill man lĂ€sa mer (och det vill man) och insupa “onödigt” vetande om nĂ„got som kanske kommer upp i nĂ„gon otippad konversation nĂ„gon gĂ„ng sĂ„ kan man klicka hit.

Det Àr bra mycket bÀttre lÀsning Àn det ni kommer hitta pÄ nÄgon Svensk populÀr nyhetssida idag. Det garanterar jag.

Tjopp! 😀