Problems problems problems (GIS) and happy Back to the future day!

Well, at least we are not talking about my physical or mental health, although we might soon be…

Today we did stuff from 9-21, serious business is serious, but I was greeted with new shirts in my mailbox when I finally got home.

Two of these bad boys landed safely outside my apartment, one yellow and one red.
(Pretty weird that the yellow is made in America and the other one in Pakistan though)

One of the issues today at the lab was (not going to explain it further :D): trying to get this

but only getting this 😦

Fixed that after 4 hours of scouring through aaall of the internet. But finally managed to scramble some bits and pieces together to solve my specific issue, which by the way wasn’t explained well at all by the developers of the software even if it is a known issue. Another issue arised after this though, that one is being solved (hopefully) tonight because I left the computer on to do some calculations which might fix the problem! Let us hope!

Also, I’m hungry all the time


See you! ~~

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