MWM#6 Chill Rap

A general conversation concerning music might go something like this:

“So what kind of music do you listen to?”
“Oh well, you know, I listen to everything”

I guess you have heard that very response a lot of times. I have at least. And if you haven’t, man I’m jealous because you’ve met some nice people!
On the other hand, if you have been the one saying that you listen to everything, get a grip on life, explore a bit and don’t be so close minded. If you don’t want to though, that is actually fine, but don’t lie and say that you listen to everything just because you ACTUALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LISTENING TO.

…because you listen to what you are being fed.

I’m ranting. And I have probably ranted about this before…

This is not the point.

The point is. A person saying “I listen to everything” would still not listen to this:

Spotify link

And it is legit as fuck! The world seems to be have little room for rap that is not “gangsta” so I am happy that I found K.Flay. It is in a different style that I appreciate much. She is skilled at what she does and she is cool! I think I was on a rap hunt and remembered that I heard some nice rap in the song 5AM ~~

So I looked her up and found some cool stuff!

People say that they don’t like certain genres (sure in general that is OK and understandable). But I say, genres are for closed minds. Instead, say “I listen to whatever I enjoy”. That kind of mentality will open you up to stuff you never thought you would like, it removes genre from the equation. So you might end up listening to rap, and liking it.

Even though that answer might sound douchy in a way, it is easily followed by a couple examples of what you do listen to and why, what it means to you. Music is very subjective.

Remember though that good music and what you enjoy is NOT the same. They do not go hand in hand. Because the statement “This song is good” is objective. Unless you add “… to me”. But usually people don’t. So as a reminder. Do separate between the two.

For instance, I could say that Coldplay is good, but it still might not be for me. I do appreciate what they are doing (or did, maybe it is a bad example, but whatever) but I am not enjoying it enough to listen to it maybe more than occasionally.


See you~~

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