MWM #9 : OST

Boom Blox was a great game. IS a great game! The music was fantasticly well fitting for what it was. It is also good enough to listen to outside of the game, in the “real” world. This song is in my study-playlist.


Peace out! ~~

MWM #8: Strings

I love strings but I don’t really care for classical music. I just really love the sound and the way passion flows when people play, for instance the violin.

I’ve talked about the concept of music that I can’t really share with friends before. This is something I can’t really put on when I have friends over and expect them to be as taken by its splendor as I am. I’m not saying it is a bad thing but very few would actually want to listen to it. It might be because some music is inherently better to listen to by yourself. Or is it?

Don’t get me wrong, I would love for someone to be with me, sit down with me, and just enjoy it with me. I don’t even want it to be a special moment. I just want to be able to share what I love, without someone shooting it down. Because you know what, I want to know what you love, what you hold dear to you, what you don’t feel comfortable with sharing with everyone. That is in some way true honesty.

It is a bit scary though, and instead of risking that someone ruins the magic for you, you just keep it to yourself.




Science: We are built to be kind

Darwin regarding: Survival of the fittest
“… those communities, which included the greatest number of the most sympathetic members, would flourish best, and rear the greatest number of offspring”

Now there’s a perspective for you who might have thought that the “fittest” meant the faster, stronger or more ruthless creature.


~~Peace out! 2016 coming up!~~

YOTY: 2015 (Yodaism of the year)

Time is a dwindling resource. A resource that I mostly could compare to fresh produce. It is more valuable when it is used as soon as possible. It is a circular argument where I myself is the master of my own time, that is, my own produce. I create my own produce, I decide myself what to do with my produce. More and more needs to fit in the salad bowl that is my life. I can’t cram in every single vegetable. Less room, less time and with it comes less produce. Or less qualitative produce. If I would be satisfied with my produce, I wouldn’t do anything else than producing the exact same produce in the exact same quantities for all eternity. The truth is that I am not satisfied. I need diversity. I need that cucumber to sometimes be a squash.

It is OK if you are confused by my parable, because it is somewhere in that confusion in which the point is hiding. Quality produce is a very rare thing for me. This is why I have to prioritize in my life (like everyone). I have to say no. I have to change. I have to be less “fun”. I have to choose something over another thing, and that thing might be you. The produce that I’ve chosen to fit inside my salad bowl is produce that I need. Sometimes, it is not even my choice. The choice is actually society’s choice: “You can become anything!!” The following video hits the nail on the head regarding that statement.

What if you fail in a society where you are constantly told that you really can accomplish anything? Well you guessed it. You feel incomplete. Whatever the name of it, anxious or incomplete or something else, I have some of it. I don’t envy you who are not feeling this way. But somehow, some way, you are doing something right, maybe?

I could have said this in a very simple uncomplicated way with maybe two or three sentences. But I chose not to. I chose to do this long exposition because I need it, I want it.

With that said. My salad bowl is really big. A lot of stuff is in there. I am no small minded person. You, reading this, is probably one of the ones that fit in my bowl. But you are in there with a lot of other produce. The squash, the apple, the pea and the water melon, all of you.

All of this might sound depressing. But my intention with this wall of text is actually to tell you that you matter to me. This is a personal note from me to you. A note with my confused thoughts of 2015. The bowl will not get any larger but I hope that you will still be there.

The Yodaism I can sum up this with, as my personal advice is:
In your life, don’t forget that anyone who is in or close to it, also has a life, just as complicated as yours. Don’t dwell on why someone didn’t show up to your party or didn’t call you, and never assume they had an invalid reason. If you can’t stand not knowing, do ask, but not condescendingly and accept the answer you get. There is enough stress in our everyday life as it is. Friends should be the window through which we can ventilate our thoughts. So don’t put wooden planks on your window, open it, let some steam out and let some fresh air in !

MWM #7: Cheesy

“How can you listen to this cheesy shit? “

This is not even a guilty pleasure. This is good. It is not even weird music. But it seems to some that this should not be up my alley.

Well it is. So here you go. A couple of cheesy songs that are very “feely”.

This one in particular is special in itself since it is a cover of a song that has the exact same lyrics, but is way less “feely”. It is interesting how the difference in production can change the whole feel of a song. The topic in question could be a conversation starter for a long and interesting discussion about music. Feel free to use it :D. Covers CAN actually be good!

The original by NeYo is a dance-pop-hit-thing that is shallower than the cover much because of its overproduced nature. It is made to work on the dance floor for people in a state where deep lyrics really doesn’t matter. That is OK, but not for me. I am just happy that Gavin Mikhail rendered this song very pleasant!

This one is not as cheesy but still very deep. I usually listen to songs like these when I want to get less afraid of my own feelings. Songs like these remind me that it is OK to feel a lot. Because I do.

Rarely do I listen to Anthony without the effect of fluids building up in my tear canals. This is also something that I rarely play for people, mostly because there are no moments to do so. But even if I would, how and why would I do that? What would the discussion be about? I don’t really know. So I just don’t. I am fine with leaving it in my box of songs for when I am alone.

Although I do remember playing one Anthony song at a friends party where I was in charge of the music quiz. To my surprise someone got it very quickly.

THAT VOICE wow wow wow.

My MWM list can be found on Spotify

See you another time ~~


TOP TEN LISTS YAY: Awkward girls?

I hate top ten lists. It is mostly just clickbait crap. Really cheesy or assumptive half finished headline questions.

This one was ok though. But I don’t know why it has to be girls. I can identify with a bunch of these.



My favorite one ~~

Or check them all out: CHECKY CHECKY
What I don’t like about it though is that they had a good idea for a couple of images, but because they were forced to adhere to the “IT HAS TO BE TEN-RULE” a bunch of them are pretty much the same theme revolving around food.


MWM#6 Chill Rap

A general conversation concerning music might go something like this:

“So what kind of music do you listen to?”
“Oh well, you know, I listen to everything”

I guess you have heard that very response a lot of times. I have at least. And if you haven’t, man I’m jealous because you’ve met some nice people!
On the other hand, if you have been the one saying that you listen to everything, get a grip on life, explore a bit and don’t be so close minded. If you don’t want to though, that is actually fine, but don’t lie and say that you listen to everything just because you ACTUALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LISTENING TO.

…because you listen to what you are being fed.

I’m ranting. And I have probably ranted about this before…

This is not the point.

The point is. A person saying “I listen to everything” would still not listen to this:

Spotify link

And it is legit as fuck! The world seems to be have little room for rap that is not “gangsta” so I am happy that I found K.Flay. It is in a different style that I appreciate much. She is skilled at what she does and she is cool! I think I was on a rap hunt and remembered that I heard some nice rap in the song 5AM ~~

So I looked her up and found some cool stuff!

People say that they don’t like certain genres (sure in general that is OK and understandable). But I say, genres are for closed minds. Instead, say “I listen to whatever I enjoy”. That kind of mentality will open you up to stuff you never thought you would like, it removes genre from the equation. So you might end up listening to rap, and liking it.

Even though that answer might sound douchy in a way, it is easily followed by a couple examples of what you do listen to and why, what it means to you. Music is very subjective.

Remember though that good music and what you enjoy is NOT the same. They do not go hand in hand. Because the statement “This song is good” is objective. Unless you add “… to me”. But usually people don’t. So as a reminder. Do separate between the two.

For instance, I could say that Coldplay is good, but it still might not be for me. I do appreciate what they are doing (or did, maybe it is a bad example, but whatever) but I am not enjoying it enough to listen to it maybe more than occasionally.


See you~~